To give you some idea on fencing here is our brief guide to all things fencing:

Types of fencing:

Featherboard – Featherboard is made up of overlapping vertical boards of timber. This is the strongest and heaviest fence type. It gives you complete privacy and is ideal for boundary fencing. Not the cheapest, but will easily outlast larchlap type panels.

Overlap fencing – this is made from overlapping horizontal timber boards. It’s a cheaper fence that offers high levels of privacy.

Panels, similar in style to overlap, but comes in various preformed sizes

Palisade -  a traditional picket-type fence you get both visibility and good security from this

Trellis – use trellis on its own as open screen fencing or as a decorative panel on top of a solid fence.

Types of Posts:

Concrete posts ensure you have a good strong fence, a bit more expensive, but will last a lifetime

Wooden posts are a bit less expensive, but as they’re buried in the ground, there’s a slightly higher risk that they’ll rot and have to be replaced

If you are looking to have a fence erected that is higher than 2m you may need planning permission, feel free to give us a call or click here for the best advice on fence and post types and what your best options are.